Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pulitzer Prize Picture is Unsettling

This powerful shot of a lone settler woman resisting a squadron of Israeli police who were ordered to carry out evictions last year has won the world-renowned Pulitzer prize for news photography. Mozel tov to an intrepid Israeli wire photographer, Oded Balility.

But does this image show defiance or something else? Is this an idealist or a stubborn criminal? Every picture tells a story...and this one cuts to the quick of the contentious struggle over homeland inside the Holy Land.

(Photo above is copyrighted by Oded Balilty, of Associated Press.)


Pondering Jew said...

The girl's reaction to her fame is posted on ynet news.
She says moments later she was beaten by the cops, and that she is willing to undergo this again if evictions are ordered inside Hebron.

abe said...

Bravery, commitment...this is an Israeli version of Tienamen tanks agaisnt the lone Chinese portestor.

Anonymous said...

the next pix in the series was much more unsettling (pardon the pun). She was beaten with batons by the anonymous cops and soldiers doing the will of the leftist masters.