Monday, April 02, 2007

BBC Captive Held Three Weeks

...and counting. The vigil continues for Alan Johnston, the BBC reporter who was abducted at gunpoint exactly three weeks ago in Gaza. Yesterday would have been his last day on the job, before a transfer to another foreign posting following three years on this critical beat.
Apparently the notorious Dogmush clan, the Gazan mercenaries who are believed to be holding Alan for ransom and/or prisoner exchange, has had little contact with the Palestinian government. They may have been subcontracted by other political or criminal factions for the kidnapping. Allegiances are constantly shifting in this brutal strip which is increasingly compared to Somalia. That's why local journalists call for a boycott of coverage for the ineffectual Palestinian leadership and why the BBC and British government are working low-key, behind the scenes, for some sort of resolution.
Note that the Israeli soldiers kidnapped by Hamas and Hezbollah last summer are also still captive and believed to be alive. Their families will be eating Seder suppers for the first time without their sons at tonight's Passover celebrations.


Grand Exalted Druid said...

I have zero sympathy for so-called "journalists". Most often they are pursuing their own activist agenda.

That said, for the poor, poor suffering peoples in Gaza to dare to kidnap someone at gunpoint is intollerable.

They should be hunted down and killed.

Keep the walls up. Add spikes on which to mount the heads of terrorists. Start the extermination of what has become a dangerous infestation.

wallflower said...

dear grand exhausted dud
Are you some kinda fraud? Cuz really you do not sound much like a druid at all, yr rants are so hateful.
I cannot picture you worshiping in some oak grove or seeing in the solstice.
Do you actually believe in anything? Do you know anything about Israel firsthand?

Grand Exalted Druid said...

Wow, how insightful on your part to point out that I do not match the mythical activities of an ancient priest order.

Ouch, that really cuts to the bone.

Sniff, sniff.

I am actually Druid Reformed. . .we are only allowed to pray amongst raspberry bushes.

I think it is quite obvious what I know to be true. The natural state of the animal known as man is violence to achieve dominance.

The Palestinian "State" (term used loosely) is a blight on the middle east and a dangerous thorn in the side of Israel. Most Arab nations have been quite vocal as to their anti-Israel feelings going so far in some cases as to call for the country's extermination.

Other Arab nations pay lip service to the support of the Palestinians, but the actual aid seems limited to payouts to families of suicide bombers.

What other aid is given slides conveniently into the pockets of the Palestinian leadership. Arrafat was one rich motherfucker when he died while his people starved.

Aid in whatever form will only continue as long as the Palestinians continue to pursue violence against the Arab World's common enemy - Israel.

Israel must take action to wipe out the Palestinian 'Infection' within it 'body'. It is only then that it shall know piece within its borders.

This is as it is with all nations. The Enemy must be destroyed to achieve true piece.

Yes, I am speaking of Genocide.

Let not those who remember the old ways survive; let not those who shall grow to wield a weapon live.

Destroy their past, present and future - every man, woman and child.

Those who cannot accept the reality in which we live are cowards who claim the dishonourable title of "Moderate".

wallflower said...

Just as I thought. No firsthand knowledge, just received ideas. Excuse me, but this sounds like talkradio, Groan Exhausted Dud. Yawn.

Grand Exalted Druid said...

Ah, the usual quick and cowardly dismissal of the reality of the situation.

pondering jew said...

Looks like the Beeb is meeting with Haniya over the release of Johnston. You can see his files, referring to Gazan abductors as "keystone kidnappers" on this link:

concerned said...

It is so shocking about the wide release of unsubstantiated claims that ALan has been executed. I want to believe that this is a cruel, false, and manipulative ruse to gain publicity.
I pray there is no execution video, not will there be, and that he is released forthwith. What are these Gaza guys playing at...and why?"