Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Moses and Black Gold

So why did Moses take 40 years to find the Holy Land from Egypt?
It takes a while to locate the only place in the whole Middle East without oil.
Oy veh

...overheard at an Independence Day picnic in Liberty Bell Park. Lots of laughter and self-deprecating jokes made the rounds. A newspaper poll showed that after 59 years as a nation, more people here identify themselves primarily as "Jewish"(55 per cent) than as Israelis!

Firework displays and precision aerial stunts by Air Force jet squadrons delighted the Independence Day crowds barbecuing under clear skies today, but there were some more ominous fireworks too. The military wing of Hamas broke their truce to unleash about 100 rockets into Israel, acc to the BBC. There were no reports of injuries, although two IDF soldiers were attacked by a settler who defied their orders at a road checkpoint. A march into the former settlement of Homesh looks set to go ahead, according to local reports. And the beat goes on.

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