Saturday, November 03, 2007

Love potion Hummus from Abu Ghosh

Hummus con Amor...dip your pita here.
Ma'ariv's Roni Malul seeks aphrodisiac hummus in Abu Ghosh. It is reputedly a lip-smackingly good concoction laced with ginseng, ginger and other herbs with uplifting properties. No Spanish fly, as far as we can tell, in the "Hummus with a Smile" which Israelis (Hat tip to Checkpoint Jerusalem for the link.)

It may be embarrassing to talk about, but quite a few people have sexual performance problems. Even more embarrassing to talk about is the treatment and the medications given today to those who suffer from these problems. Some of the medications, it is said, don’t work, some are liable to affect the heart, and some are simply unpleasant.

But the Abu Ghosh Restaurant, near Jerusalem, claims to have found the magical solution to impotence. It’s cheap, it works, and most important—it tastes good.

As of today you can order “hummus with a smile” at the restaurant, which is composed of ginseng, ginger and other spices known to have aphrodisiac properties.

“For years we were raised on the old people’s stores of medicinal plants,” says Jawdat Ibrahim proudly, owner of the Abu Ghosh Restaurant. “For any problem like a stomach ache, headaches and even libido problems, they always had solutions that were proven to be right. A few months ago we tried to get back to the old people’s recommendation and worked on a new recipe to stimulate the libido. Then we included the recipe in the hummus we prepare in our restaurant, and the result is amazing.”

Ibrahim relates that his customers immediately liked the new hummus.

“Men would come and whisper to me that they want the hummus with the magical mixture,” he says. “Others thanked me and said that the hummus had changed their lives.”

In wake of requests and the positive response, Ibrahim decided to take the recipe out of the closet and to sell it along with the house hummus so that the entire people of Israel could taste is magic, which would be called “hummus with a smile.”

“I promise that everyone will leave my restaurant with a big smile on their face,” he says, and adds with a smile: “If not because of the hummus, then at least from the mixture.”

Adds author Shaykh ‘Umar Abu Mohammad, a 16th century North African Arab writer, in his tome, The Perfect Garden:
Chickpeas increase the energy and sexual desires of both men and women. Chickpeas (also known as garbanzos) are famed as a cure for impotence and as a first-rate sexual stimulant. In the eastern Arab lands, the peasants are convinced that chickpeas have qualities which give them the essential energy necessary for their lives of toil.

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Anonymous said...

I have actually taken a trip to Israel and eaten hummus at Abu Gosh. The next best thing we have in Dallas is Pita Pal Hummus that I buy at Whole Foods and Costco. It's just like the stuff i tried in Israel; amazing.