Monday, November 12, 2007

Jerusalem Arabs shelter Homeless Jews

A touching clip is posted on Haaretz website, a tale of how a homeless Mizrahi family [Middle Eastern Jews] came to take refuge in the village of an Arab neighbour for the past two weeks after the government failed to give them aid. The family of four children and their mother were evicted from an illegal squat and are entitled to official welfare assistance, but this was not forthcoming.
Distraught, the mother complains about how most of her neighbors dispassionately watched her humiliating personal drama as police tossed their meager belongings into the street, as if it were "a play".
For a change, talkbacks for this post are not as full of invective as usual: they praise the kind-hearted Arab as an exception, a hero, an example. If people can reach across the divide in this way, maybe there is some hope for this fractured society to heal.

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red bull said...

Given that there's now a Gaza surf club, maybe Hamas' first film should be a beach film. I gues they're waiting for the burqinis!!!