Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Fractured Fairy Tale of 2-state solution

Annapolis Schannapolis, ain't likely to happen. Not even in Nablus! Two contiguous states in this stony ground of the Middle East are little more than a pipe dream at this point, particularly after Israel declared that there could be no direct passageway from Gaza to the West Bank.
Kaput. The violence between militant Palestinian gunmen and Israeli troops will probably worsen because of raised expectation and heightened oppression. Lose-Lose Situation. The problem is Wholly Land, on which too much blood has been shed. Way too many promises get broken in the Promised Land. Olive branches are not symbols of peace in this place. We wonder if the dove is a pigeon to be plucked. Suspicion and hatred paralyze progress.

I have heard a plan for cleaving into a three state solution: divisions would be secular, orthodox Judaism plus fundamentalist Christian, and Muslim and Arab Christian. But peace piece by piece is a non-starter in a place where people venerate the land.
Have people of the book somehow lost the plot?

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