Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Zits, Zaps, and a Flaming Gay March

Last week in Jerusalem, after much deliberation, an Ultra-Orthodox Rabbinical council ruled on a vexing question. It is completely kosher to pop one's pimples on the Sabbath, as this is considered grooming and not voluntary labor. Good to know.
Meanwhile, nearly 100 zealous fellows with curly forelocks were arrested after rioting in protest against the 5th annual Gay Pride march across the Holy City, which is planned for Friday, November 10th. Haredi leaders are trying to curb excessive violence, like the stabbing of three gays last year. But the situation is so volatile that one rabbi has threatened to invoke a death curse from the Kabbala, an arcane and powerful "pulsa denura" (Blows of Fire) aimed at the Attorney General, Menahem Mazuz, who so far is allowing the gay marchers to proceed. Watch this space.


Anonymous said...

I thought that 'pulsa denura', translated from Aramaic, meant "Lashes of Fire". Otherwise, keep it popping --the blog, I mean, not the zits!
This 'pulsa denura' was suposedly used on both Yitzhak Rabin, two months before his death, and on Ariel Sharon after he withdrew the settlers from Gaza --shortly before he suffered a crippling stroke.
the heifer

Izzy Bee said...

Tx for the useful input, heifer.