Thursday, November 09, 2006

Urban Eye-candy

Bucolic new murals painted on the derelict Jerusalem railway station evoke days gone by. The covered objet d'art in the foreground is not a parked car under a tarp, but is supposed to be a goad to the imagination of passers-by or drivers who are stuck at this intersection.

I believe the muralist is Moshe Hemain, a Russian stage scene painter who immigrated to Jerusalem in 1989. From 1971-76, he studied at the Feshin Art Academy in Kazan. His new works are a backdrop to the daily dramas of West Jerusalem.

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Khun Janji la Cuch said...

Hey-that baffling hump is "Car in the Sun" by the Israeli sculptor Gabriel Klasmer. (Works in London as well) The city bought it in 2000 and I think it is fiberglass. A driver leaving the same effect with a tarp over an old jalopy would have had to pay to haul it away. Go figure