Friday, November 10, 2006

Rally, my dear

Jerusalem's Gay March is off, and instead thousands of Jewish lesbians and homosexuals will gather in the sports center at Hebrew U today at 11 am. As this is a closed event, confrontations are expected to be minimalized. After the Vatican denounced plans for a march, a pious Jewish rabbi was crowing that a divine hand had halted the display of debauchery in the Holy City by causing Israeli shells to go astray. Indeed, tensions heightened after the tragic deaths of 18 civilians from one unlucky family in Gaza fanned rage in Palesine. Due to security concerns about increased terror threats, the police presence to guard the gays was reduced to 3,000 officers. Some ultra-Orthodox communities paraded donkeys and dogs in the city streets yesterday as a reminder that Old Testament scripture (Leviticus) denounced homosexuality and bestiality as abominations. In defiance, a group of Palestinian gays, who normally must slip in from Ramallah and linger around for the drag clubs to open, have called their own march for today. They are gathering at Damascus Gate this morning and will head downtown by noon. It is a brave and provocative gesture in today's tense atmosphere.

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