Saturday, November 11, 2006


Circumstances are forcing me to keep strict Sabbath today. I can not use my cell phone. Feeling virtuous, I did a load of laundry yesterday, only to discover when I heard a familiar tune burbling from the suds, that I had left the phone in my pocket. Doh. It's hazardous to my profession and to my social life.

Well, I took it apart and then blasted each piece with the hair dryer on "cool". Amazingly, the SIM card still works, and the thing lights up; but the window is as cloudy as a scratched snorkeler's mask so I can't see what I am doing. Uri Blogowitz says I must take this as a sign to be more culturally aware and observe the Jewish ways. (Besides, the cell phone shop is closed on Saturdays, like most of this town is.) Shalom.


Anonymous said...

izzy bee,
there are easier ways of clearing your phone directory than by tossing your cellphone in the washing machine!


bagelbabe said...

Well at least this wasn't an attempt to launder money. ;)

kepi kat said...

But, izzy, if you are blogging, this is not keeping to strict shabat. Are you not Jewish?