Monday, May 25, 2009

A Marriage Manual for Jewish grooms

Our friend Anat Hoffman, the indefatigible rights campaigner, brings to our attention the instruction booklet for grooms-to-be from the Jerusalem Religious Council's compulsory marriage class.

The "how-to" manual says that
a "woman is like clay. The husband can shape and mold her as he pleases." It also says the wise husband will avoid his in-laws because "mothers-in-law tend to meddle."

The booklet encourages the liberal application of compliments, presents and flowers to wives.
"Don't let a day go by without complimenting your wife at least five times…say it even if it's a lie. A woman who hasn't been complimented is like a fish out of the water.

But, it warns, a husband must not become "spineless."
If a wife is "disrespectful you must not give in," it says. "You can get angry and stop talking to her until she realizes she was wrong."

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Hoochimama Loosha said...

easy to make fun of tradition, especially by taking it out of context.

i know a lot of secular men and women who would benefit from this advice.