Friday, May 29, 2009

BuJus: the Lotus and the Matza

At a pleasant gathering of left wing BuJus, (Jewish followers of Buddhism) in Jerusalem, Izzy Bee learned why the Promised Land increasingly attracts Buddhist thinkers, even though it is such a bastion of monotheism. Jews, Christians, Muslims do pilgrimages to the old stones.. But what does Jerusalem hold for Buddhists?
"There's no place like Israel," said one Tibetan nun. "Nowhere else can you find three things in such abundance: Ignorance, Hatred, and Attachment."
The BuJu crowd nodded earnestly, but then discussed the political implications of living in a political state of Ignorance, or whether the state we all share might be Suffering. Three Jews, five opinions-minimum. The Buddhist perspective that it's all illusion was conveniently lain aside.
Later, while we all wolfed down cheesecake, there was general bonhomie. Before the evening licked off, I couldn't tell one lapsed Baptist the answer to "What the BeJeesus are BuJus?" Now I know: Blissed out Olim and Sabras, it appears.

Say Om. Not um.

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Saleema said...

Say Om, not Um.


Ok, let me gush. I love your blog. You are one funny chick. If I shall ever be lucky enough to visit the Holy Land then I would sure like to meet you.

Maybe you can be my tour guide! :)

hahaha...Say Om, not Um.