Friday, May 29, 2009

Arab Lonely Hearts

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs—for some lovesick Arabs, the name brings to mind affairs of the heart. And their hearts have room for an Israeli mail order bride along the lines of Tzipi Llivni or Bar Rafeli. Most don’t seem too picky. Ace reporter Irris Makkler investigates this phenomenon for the Canadian Broadcasting corporation:

The Israeli Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem has been receiving a steady stream of the most unexpected requests – letters, email and phone calls from men across the Arab world seeking introductions to Israeli women. The Muslim men say they want to meet Jewish women, and they want to marry them!
It’s true the women won’t always be the first wives, but the men hope that the generous payments they are offering in camels will make up for that.

And it’s true that their countries don’t have diplomatic relations – but for these unusual lonely heart, none of that seems to matter

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