Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Purim

Boisterous celebrations and odder costumes than usual are spotted around Israel during the festival of Purim. This view is from the BBC's website. Viva Purim! From what I can see, it's the most fun of all the Jewish holidays celebrated in Jerusalem.
Izzy Bee was gobsmacked yesterday when an orthodox fellow, drunk out of his skull, cut her off at the crosswalk and headed downhill on a segway (segue?) through Abu Tor towards the 'City of David' and Silwan. He was going at quite a clip, side curls flapping and with no helmet to obscure his vision.

Wish I'd had a camera on me at the time! But this diagram of a nerd mounted on an upright segway (right) gives you some idea. Frankly, it looks so much more sinister when it's a slanted guy in black, which highlights the contrast of 21st century vehicle, 19th century garb, and ancient wisdom (?).
Happy Purim, folks.

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