Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cat 'dozers, the IDF, and the Indo-Israeli Bollywood clip on strong partners

This is not the kind of clip Israeli weaponry usually produces! It should be a hidden weapon. The video has been the subject of much ridicule...and curiosity about why it's broadcast in English rather than Hebrew or Hindi. It was unveiled at an international arms fair in Bangalore. Let's ask the senior American sleuth Charles Freeman about this mystery, since he's just prematurely stepped down from other pressing concerns in Washington's National Intelligence Council and can get cracking. (Aipac of insinuations and leaked emails was his undoing, insiders say.)
Meanwhile, news that the Israeli army will draft civilian employees of Caterpillar for maintenance of their controversial armored bulldozer demolition squad has set up squawks of protest round the world, too. It's not clear whether the recent trio of bulldozer aggression by Palestinian drivers is inspired by the weaponization of these construction caterpillars into destruction equipment. The sequel to KillDozer looks set to return, folks.


Saleema said...

Wow. That was one ugly piece of work. I'm offended! (No, I'm not Indian, but when it comes to bollywood movies, I am their # 1 Paki-American fan--sort of).

madhuri goldberg said...

Hmmm all actors in this schlocky vid are said to be Israelis of Georgian and Indian origin. That explains the dancing. And they paid just $15,000 to make it.