Saturday, March 28, 2009

Doh! Leave it to Homer to forge peace between Israelis and Palestinians

Homer Simpson, the yellow skinned cartoon buffoon who sired Bart and married Marge with the blue beehive, has been on many animated trips over the years: on a peyote binge in Mexico, to see a guru on an Indian mountaintop, to England, to Brazil...and now word is out that the Simpsons are long overdue in the Holy Land. Here, Homer will achieve something Condi and Hillary and Tony have not been able to do. He gets Muslims, Jews, and Christians all to agree. (In this case, on not being able to stand Homer.)
It's is not clear yet whether the Simpson's evangelical neighbour Ned Flanders comes along, too, for added Christian Zionist flavour, or if Krusty the Clown, son of an orthodox rabbi, does aliyah. Plenty of celebs come through Jerusalem-- last week stars included actress Helen Mirren and Freida Pinto of Slumdog Millionaire fame, both for movies set here. But will Homer go to Yad Vashem? There's nothing comic about that placxe.


Anonymous said...

saturday 6:13 EST


What happened to JPost today?

Site is down at least twelve hours.

Jan said...

No big loss. It was shabbat, and maybe there was no righteous gentile about to flick a fuse. Ynet or Haaretz are good alternatives