Tuesday, June 12, 2007

To market? No, all little piggies stay home

Kosher grocer wars, and how Israel's secular consumers are caught like a piggy in the middle as an immigrant Russian billionaire eyes Jerusalem politics, makes fascinating reading in today's Independent of London. Check out the article by Donald Macintyre.
Stocks of the "other white meat" and shellfish still are available in boutique butchers for non-observant customers, but prices are expected to rise. The tycoon philanthropist Arkady Gaidamak, who also owns a football club (er, pigskin balls, anyone?) insists that he has never ever munched a morsel of pork and that to continue selling the meat inside the Holy land, where devout Jews and Muslims consider it unclean, is "a provocation." His is a highly unorthodox approach to vote-getting. The-th-that's not all, folks, in the loony-toon world of Israeli local politics.
Watch this space.
(There's no swine shortage in any Middle East election, I am told. Politicians on the trot will inevitably put their best foot forward.)


Anonymous said...

Is that a flying pig? Or is it one of the guided weapons that Gydamak sold to the Africans?
Red Bull

Izzy said...

I smell a rat here. There clearly is something rotten in the State of Denver. Exactly who is our Russian Kashoggi kidding or buying here?

Izzy Bee said...

Turns out that Gaydamak got cold feet and ditched this unpopular deal. He has to pay a hefty fine to the supermarket stockholders, and it seems the political aspirations are still at the forefront.