Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Hitchens Brothers: godbasher vs godfearer

Christopher Hitchens (left)
and Peter Hitchens (right), are falling out over God.
The fratri-spat was fought in private until today.

Hitch, that outsized anti-theist Brit who must wince each time he has to spell out the word Christ as he writes out Christopher, his own given name, has been publically sandbagged by his Tory brother, Peter Hitchens. After the launch of his not-so-great tome, "God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything", the voluble Vanity Fair columnist seemed ubiquitous. Even this contrarian with the cutting wit, who once excoriated Mother Teresa for accepting money from evildoers in a polemic entitled "The Missionary Posistion", has met his match. I chortled as he was whittled down to size by his equally articlate brother.

Reading this Cain and Abel article in bed was a great way to start my week in Jerusalem, as church bells peal, prayer calls sound forth from the mosques, and ramhorns are blown by evangelical christians and orthodox Jews. It almost felt 'sack-religious".

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