Saturday, April 17, 2010

Why Palestine is not on the map

Here's a video explanation/simplification now making the rounds... as if Israeli-Palestinian relations were talked about much inside American classrooms. It's worth watching this clip to see a Palestinian perspective and to realize that any two-state approach to peace is being eroded by Israeli settlement policy in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Comments?
(Hat tip to Michael Bailey for the you tube link)


Jan said...

Most Israelis want to dismantle the settlements (but not in E Jeru.) See this poll

Abe Bird said...

It a nice and cute Falsetinian ProPALganda. Telling lot of lies and cover lot of truth. Thanks.

at the edge said...

When, oh when, will you on the other side of the "extreme right" realize that the Palestinian issue is a non-issue - because there is no such entity as "Palestinian"? It is a distortion of history, of facts. And even if there HAD been such a people once, how can you negotiate with them if they teach their children to kill? I know your answers. It's all the Jews' fault - this "mess" Israel is in. Nope, you're wrong. It happens to be YOUR fault, for you see the world through a "liberal" perspective. My dear friend - liberalism has already brought Israel near the brink, and now America too will feel the heat of this "enlightened" policy.

It is amazing to me that the very worst America ever has to offer is hungrily sucked up by the Israeli secular citizen, who so much wishes to emulate his American counterpart. Well, liberalism is destroying America today, much as it has already emasculated the Israeli state. Thankfully America's conundrum will find relief with the next round of elections, hopefully. maybe then, just maybe - for you haven't sensed it yet, you'll see what Obuma really stands for, how he really IS a muslim and despises the west, let alone Israel, and how he and his puppeteers are dying to destroy America from within. Maybe then you leftist-oriented Jews will realize that the value system you stand for is as hollow as Obuma's is evil.