Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gaza doctor's tragedy caught on Israeli TV - 17 Jan 09

Because Israelis were able to eavesdrop on this Hebrew-speaking doctor's personal tragedy on live tv, some were emotionally moved. In fact, the broadcasters used their army contacts to get this doctor's surviving daughters transferred over the border at Erez, so two of his wounded girls may live. (Three are dead already). This is the exception: wounded Palestinian civilians have not had access to medical care across the border in Israel for the most part; some 4998 injured are being treated inside Gaza, at hospitals and clinics that are being shelled by tanks, gunboats, attack helicopters, and F-16 fighter jets. Overkill. We can hardly bear the wait for a ceasefire. Ninety per cent of Israelis may disagree with Izzy Bee, but where is your humanity?

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HRH said...

Humanity? Where is the outcry for humanity when Israeli Jews are bombed in their towns? You expect Israelis to sit quietly while Arabs suicide bomb and send missiles into homes? How does it feel?