Sunday, January 18, 2009

Comedian Jackie Mason unloads

The plug has been pulled on the latest war in Gaza, which was supported by 90 per cent of Israelis. The conduct of the military and the toll of civilians has caused some pro-Israelis in the diaspora to become visibly unhinged. Here's a clip of stand-up comedian Jackie Mason, who famously sued Jews for Jesus for defamation, gave Ed Sullivan the finger on live tv, and denigrated Sarah Silverman's appeals for young Jews to schlep to Florida and bring out the Democratic vote. Now the old guy is in meltdown against Jews who fear World Opinion and he rants about liberals who dare empathize with the Palestinians.

These are the real zingers. The map shows the radius that rockets from Gaza presently reach inside Israel. It's against international law to fire onto a civilian population, and Hamas militants are wrong to do this. No doubt. Talk will stop this more effectively than Israeli boots on the ground and drones in the sky remote-controlled by girl soldiers.

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