Monday, March 31, 2008

Gilad Shalit is alive and well - confirmed

It's not April 1st yet, otherwise Izzy Bee might worry about Israel being played as an April Fool. Khalid Mashaal, the leader of Hamas who's dodging targeted assassinations by lying low in Damascas, told Tim Marshall of Sky News that Gilad Shalit, the young soldier who was grabbed by Hamas back in June 2006, is held in Gaza and very much alive.

"Gilad (Shalit) is alive and we are treating him well but Israel is treating the Palestinian prisoners they hold very badly."...
"We renew our offer to Israel to let the civilians on both sides not be a part of this conflict," he told interviewers. "We renew this offer today."

Mr Meshaal, who is a target for Israeli assassination, said if Israel agreed it would not kill any Palestinian civilians then Hamas would only carry out attacks against Israeli military targets.
This is a repeat of an offer made ten years ago.
His sullen remarks about the Holocaust statistics enraged many inside Israel, and officials in Jerusalem are wondering about his promises and his approaches to the PA.

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