Friday, August 10, 2007

Bloodshed inside Jerusalem's Walled City

Reuters reports:

at least six people were shot or stabbed in an apparent attack in Jerusalem's Old City on Friday, rescue services said.

The Israeli emergency service Zaka said one person, whom they described as the attacker, was killed.

It was not immediately clear whether the incident was a militant attack. The police had no immediate comment.

Izzy Bee's own sources inside the walled city indicated that most of the victims were Arabs. More news will be posted as soon as possible. Watch this space.

Update: This file from Haaretz indicates how complex life within the Old City has become. The bloody incident happened in the Christian Quarter, near Jaffa Gate, at an ultra-nationalist Jewish seminary, the Ateret Cohanim Yeshiva. There now are nine times as many Jewish residents in East Jerusalem and they outnumber Palestinians-- Christians and Muslims alike.
An angry teenager apparently wrested a pistol out of the holster of a security guard, and then wounded him in the shoulder. As he started to bound away, a second armed guard gave chase and they exchanged fire. Eventually the attacker was shot dead. Two bystanders were wounded as a scuffle ensued. At least another seven were injured. Police issued alerts and security tightened before Friday prayers. In order to keep a lid on secular violence within these hallowed walls, close to the Temple Mount and Dome of the Rock, the religions of the victims or attacker have not been listed on official reports. Sifting rumour from fact takes time, and there are conflicting accounts even from eye witnesses.
According to the Guardian, this shooting incident
comes at a time when some Israeli and Palestinian leaders have talked optimistically about the prospect of a new round of peace negotiations. However, yesterday the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth carried a report quoting the Israeli defence minister and Labour party leader, Ehud Barak, saying suggestions of a forthcoming peace deal were "fantasies".

He said Israel would not withdraw from the occupied West Bank for at least five years because of the threat of rockets and missiles. He also said he would not remove any of the several hundred checkpoints and barriers across the West Bank.

One witnessed told radio reporters that the second guard continued to pump bullets into the attacker, who looked like a young Palestinian, even though he was 'already neutralized'. Sirens shriek as the injured are ferried to first aid clinics and the cobblestones are awash with blood. Israelity bites.


fee fie foe frum said...

More discrepancies. Can you find out what happened?
AP wire says
the Palestinian attacker was roughly 20 years old, shot the guard in the chest.
Another guard ran after him, and the two briefly exchanged fire before the Palestinian was killed, police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby said. Nine bystanders were wounded by the crossfire

Reports of stabbings was unfounded.

The Israeli government employs the security guards to protect Jewish families who live in the Muslim Quarter.

Izzy Bee said...

Eric Silver, from the INdependent, adds:
The private security men, hired by the Israeli government, were guarding a yeshiva seminary.

Dudi Cohen, the national police commander, said after visiting the scene: "This was clearly a nationalistic incident. The terrorist wished to carry out an attack, and that's why he snatched one of the guards' weapons."

Farfel said...

WEll lets all thank god the terrorist is dead now. Hurrah!