Monday, May 14, 2007

Jews on Ice

Relax- Hassidic ice capades this is not. While out of Israel for the past couple of weeks, Izzy has been trolling about New York City. She was able to peruse an amusing interview on to learn more about a fictional Yiddish community's sub-Arctic antics which draws some parallels with contemporary Israel. Mostly it examines Jewish identity, and, er, Chassids as hobbits.
Click here to link to this wry exchange with author Michael Chabon.

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Lena said...

What I liked best about the article was Chabon's love of the Yiddish language. I became enthralled with Yiddish as a small child, when I found Leo Rosten's "The Joy's of Yiddish" after reading about it in Isaac Asimov's autobiography. I checked them both out of the library and kept renewing them for weeks and weeks. I drove my mother absolutely nuts! My grandfather could understand a little bit of what I was trying to say. I still use some Yiddish, but I don't have anyone to speak with. It's a pity, it's such a colorful, wonderful language. Such great curses--"may you eat like a horse and shit like a bird" such a curse you should find in English? (but you can see I have forgotten how to say it in Yiddish) sadly...