Friday, May 25, 2007

Is that a rocket in your diplomatic pouch?

...or are you just happpy to see me?

A new government public relations blitz is sending Qassam shrapnel to foreign embassies, via the diplomatic pouch. Because these Palestinian rockets are a blunt instrument, and often inaccurate, their damage is often underplayed in the press. The charred chunks on tour will remind envoys just how intimidating and destructive rocket fire can be. Five Qassams launched last night set wheat fields ablaze and yesterday another killed a grazing white mare. (Compare this with the 38 Palestinians killed in IDF air strikes since May 17th, including 7 children.)
While Christian evangelicals in America are moved to toss their money at the Qassam rocket victims, and strengthen their shelters, so is the Russian billionaire Gaydamak. Palestinian leaders like Mahmoud Abbas are even beginning to question the tactics behind the rocket barrage, and call for it to stop. Few analysts believe in the viability of any truce without the approval of Hamas's military wing, though.

Meanwhile, in another Israeli assault on the diplomatic front, security forces rounded up 33 Hamas officials in the West Bank, including mayors and elected members of parliament, who they claim "pose a clear and present danger to the lives of Israelis." This may be partly to counter any propaganda benefits to Hamas caused by retaliatory air strikes in Gaza. Earlier, officials said that the Israeli forces took out Gaza businesses with terrorist money connections to Iran, Lebanon or Syria.

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witless witness said...

Pray for peace whi;e preparing for war. Not a contradiction, guys.
Check out this link to a Prayer for Israel (Psalm 83)