Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cushy Socks for Roadblocks

Checkpoints are a daily delay for Palestinians who must cross between walled-off areas in the West Bank at a pace determined by bored teenaged security troops with guns.

Now a 22 year old Palestinian woman has come up with some small comfort for foot-sore pedestrians who cannot predict how many hours they must spend standing in line.
Maram Abdel Latif, who works at a rest home for the elderly, spent three years perfecting her cushy gel socks, which seem quite similar to the comfy gel liners of some ski boots. They are especially useful for pregnant women with swollen feet or the aged.
Although a wearer must have oversized shoes to accommodate Latif's new prototype "watersocks"--possibly even the clownish-looking Crocs, pictured left, which are sported by many trendy Israelis--
she told the BBC that wearing them will make feet feel "like sleeping on a waterbed, which is far more comfortable than a regular mattress".

Once Ms Latif finds a manufacturer to produce these in bulk, Israeli defence forces better be briefed on the new fashion. Otherwise they are apt to mistake her customers for semtex shoe-bombers.

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copycat said...

Recently due to economic crisis I lost job at a bank and luckily landed a job in TA as conductor.
But the transit regulation shoes are killing me.
I need comfortable shoes and socks much like the Palestinians. Where can I get these socks?