Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Er, what's in the diplomatic pouch?

The scandal of a kinky Israeli diplomat discovered in the garden of his San Salvador residence rather worse for wear on the morning after-- still bound, gagged and clad in bondage gear with an incriminating ring of damp sex toys strewn around him on the lawn-- has caused quite a ripple in Jerusalem's top circles. (With the President recently accused of sexual misconduct and serial rape, this takes some doing.)

An Australian headline that referred to the nation's representative as "hog-tied and tongue-tied" particularly embarrassed the government, which has since admonished Tsuriel Raphael, the ambassador, for undignified behavior and stripped him of his title. The incident, technically on Israeli property, happened two weeks ago, but was not disclosed until Monday night. The middle-aged envoy certainly has done his bit to make the foreign service appear less stuffy. Until the rubber ball in his mouth and gag had been removed, Rapahel was unable to identify himself to Salvador authorities. It was not immediately clear whether the sado-masochistic bondage gear had been imported from Israel or was locally produced.
Obviously, a few kinks must be worked out before posting diplomats in the torrid zone.

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