Friday, February 16, 2007

underground and underexposed

Underground candid camera may not be as exciting as we were led to believe. Irate Muslim protesters in Kashmir or Turks who are upset about the possibility of Israeli archaeologists undermining Al Aqsa are likely to be bored by this internet broadcast, which admittedly could do with better lighting.

Click here to see live footage from one of three webcams. (There is an English version as well) These now are installed by the Israel Antiquities Authority at the controversial salvage dig near Jerusalem's Dung Gate (oddly named for an entrance to a site sacred to three monotheistic creeds, don't you think? It's the only gate out of 15 which non-Muslims ae allowed to use. Visitors and security troops trundle up the derelict wooden ramp, which eventually is being pulled down). Tell da boys in da Quds that the camera won't work on the Sabbath --Friday dusk through Saturday sunset. They are accustomed to the sinister spy blimp which floats above the neighborhood like an anemic guppy-shaped balloon every Friday.

Protests timed to follow Friday noon prayers were a damp squib, after police banned worshippers under age 40 for women and 50 for men and insisted that all Muslims have Jerusalem residential permits before being allowed onto the site. Some 3000 police were on patrol at the Temple Mount,also known as the Noble Sanctuary, and an estimated 6000 Muslims arrived at the mosque after clearing security checks. Fifteen arrests followed sporadic rock throwing before any riots broke out, and the loudspeakers of East Jerusalem mosques were not plugged in this week. Just a few loud bangs echoed across the stones. Since last week, almost 100 Arabs have been hauled in by police and charged with instigating violence. Their photos were identified by the security video cameras that are trained on the alleys inside the walled city, 24/7. Scenes from these particular web cams are not yet viewable online, alas, even though that might be rather more exciting. It's still high alert for this section of Jerusalem, and school still is out for Muslim youths.


SolShine7 said...

That's a realyl cool picture. It's really refreshing to find a blog from someone in Israel.

Anonymous said...

Dear Izzy,
Don't know how to e mail you privately.
I really, really like reading your blog. Really. Just go on writing.

boney m said...

This link shows that the fuss ain't fizzling. Christian and Muslim leaders in Jerusalem are trying to arrange demos against the salvage dig--which still is preceding while all the media attention is diverted eyeing Talpiot tombs. CHrist ya know it ain't easy