Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Driver's instructions: destination unknown

Paranoid fantasies often become reality in today’s hair-trigger Middle East, where security is a priority. But Izzy cannot imagine the scenario the Knesset had in mind when it upped the budget for protecting Israel’s former Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, who has been in a deep coma for more than a year.

Though his doctors say Sharon--hardly a moving target-- is unlikely ever to recover, a million and a half shekels has been newly allotted to the old general’s security, which includes salary for a personal chauffeur.

Not much mileage in that job. The klutziest driver in Israel, one who does not mind being parked 24/7 or honking with no response, should apply. Presumably because an ambulance already is included in Sharon's medical provision, and because after a year in sickbed the once-stout politician must be unrecognizable by enemies, critics across the political spectrum were scathing about the extra spending.
Maybe the car and driver are a birthday gift from the state: Ariel Sharon turned 79 yesterday in his sleep. Click here to read what might transpire if the erstwhile PM were to beat the medical odds and wake up.
Anyone care to update this drumroll with the latest government shenanigans?

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pondering Judy said...

JC is out of the slot, and been replaced by a photo of the devil, Ariel Sharon. Izzy how could you? Yuck.