Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Teddy Kollek RIP

Izzy is away due to a family crisis, but wants to mark the passing of the lively Hungarian kibutznik who injected vibrancy into Jerusalem. Read this lively obituary (not necessarily an oxymoron) in the London press and tip your hat to Teddy Kollek

He is remembered as an outspoken Mayor of Jerusalem who transformed the city from sleepy outback to modern metropolis. It is less secular and more tense today. Kollek was born in Nagyvazsony, Hungary 27 May 1911; founder member, Kibbutz Ein Gev 1937; member, Political Dept, Jewish Agency for Palestine 1940; head of the US Division, Israel Foreign Ministry 1950; Minister to Washington 1951-52; Director-General, Prime Minister's Office 1962-65; chair, Government Tourist Corporation 1955-65; Mayor of Jerusalem 1965-93; married 1937 Tamar Schwartz (one son, one daughter); died Jerusalem 2 January 2007.

If you have a Teddy anecdote, please share. Izzy will be back blogging in ten days time.

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Anonymous said...

I miss Izzy Bee's buzzings and occasional sting. When is she coming back????