Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More on Eilat Blast

Well, the Israeli cops tell quite a different tale from the initial Palestinian reports, which should be examined carefully for disinformation. This young Gazan guy, who reportedly was jobless and unable to save his dead baby girl with timely medical help, also lost a good buddy in an Israeli military operation last year. Friends recalled he was depressed, desperate and dangerous. Israeli military intelligence says he travelled through via Egypt, picked up his explosive vest from Islamic urban guerrillas there, crossed the Sinai desert, and hitched a ride into Eilat. An IDF reservist Lt Col who picked him up was immediately suspicious because the glum Arab in a windbreaker did not speak much and looked jumpy. The driver called the cops after he let this hitchhiker off a km out of town, but by then the bomber already had entered the bakery and triggered the blast.
Now security advisers and fence manufacturers may argue that this latest atrocity is reason for a separation barrier to be erected across the Sinai Desert , too. The fence is why attackers from the West Bank have been deterred for 9 months, they say. We shall see.

Dive spots and resorts have been increasingly in the bombers' cross hairs. : Bali (twice), Sharm el Sheik and Dahab in Egypt, Hikkaduwa in Sri Lanka, Antalya in Turkey, Pattani and Narathiwat provinces in southern Thailand. So, best to be careful out there.
(Regional Map by ecanada.com)


Anonymous said...

Good point you made about terrorists hitting dive spots. Gives new meaning to the term 'Sleeping with the fishes'.
R. Heifer

cassandra said...

If anyone is keeping score,
Israeli deaths within their borders numbered just 23 last year, including soldiers, the lowest statistics for a long time. Bt contrast, according to the Israeli human rights group B'tshelem, during the same period the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces rose to 660, half of them non-combatants and 141 of these minors.
Note that yesterday, six people were killed in Gaza as inter-Palestinian feuds raged. And the IDF, to retaliate for the bomb in Eilat, today launched an assault on a Gaza smugglers' tunnel near Karni crossing.
The lood just keeps flowing and nothing changes

Dizzybee said...

And, as the blood keeps flowing, note that in recent days in Gaza, 30 people were slain in factional fighting.