Saturday, March 19, 2011

Munther Fahmi to be stripped of ID card

Many booklovers in Jerusalem are in despair. Munther Fahmi is the founder and owner of the Bookshop at the American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem. He has been a friend and partner to PalFest since the beginning and his bookstore is a cornerstone of cultural life in Jerusalem. He offers an incredibly wide range of titles and fights to maintain a small but vital space of free and independent thought and debate in Jerusalem. Jews, Muslims, Gentiles, Christians and tourists of all descriptions all are welcome in his store.

He is being threatened with deportation. If authorities take away his ID, and the IDF can for the most whimsical of reasons and claim that it is a security matter, Fahmi will no longer be allowed inside Jerusalem.

People across the world are collecting signatures to try and help him stay in the city of his birth. Here's the online petition

Hat tip to Matt Rees, the ex-journalist who pens detective books, for the info.


Patricia said...

The problem for some of us is that none of the people circulating the petition have explained the background. What happened that he is suddenly faced with losing his Jerusalem ID?

Izzy Bee said...

Acc to Haaretz,, the bookseller married an American wife. He does not have Israeli citizenship. FOr this, he is kicked out of his native city.