Friday, March 19, 2010

Violence, injuries, arrests, delays and prevention of medical treatment

In East Jerusalem on Tuesday, the fieldworkers of Physicians for Human Rights – Israel took initial testimony from local medical teams regarding the day's events. It seems that brutishness is becoming standard as security forces brace for clashes with residents in East Jerusalem. Their data is based on initial testimonies, some of which were taken via telephone as events occurred, and others given in person. PHR-Israel's staff continues to collect testimony on the events that took place in East Jerusalem, and will provide updates as more complete and accurate information is collected.

Following is a Summary of the information of the information that has been gathered so far.
In view of this testimony, PHR-Israel intends to examine:

1. Why injured persons were taken to detention facilities despite the fact that their medical condition required that they be taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

2. The nature of the security forces' rules for dispersing demonstrations and rules of engagement and the relationship between these instructions and the large number of injured persons, particularly those injured by beating and rubber-coated metal bullets fired at short range.

3. Why an ambulance carrying an injured man from Abu Dis was held at the checkpoint for fifteen minutes although the man was bleeding and required immediate transfer to the hospital, even without prior coordination.

4. Why members of the Yasam Special Patrol Unit prevented medical treatment from being administered on-site by local medical teams.

5. Why firefighting teams were not allowed to enter the Old City.


Furthermore, throughout the day military and police vehicles blocked the routes leading to Moqassed Hospital. Emergency vehicles were subsequently forced to take alternative routes, doubling their travel time from the typical five to ten minutes, delaying transfer of injured persons to the hospital. The Red Crescent evacuated five injured persons to Alkhaldieh clinic located in the Old City, including three injured by tear gas fire, one hit in the chest by a rubber bullet and one suffering from trauma.

A female Old City resident of about 30 years of age lost consciousness after police forces entered her home, beat the house's residents and fired tear gas into the premises. The woman received first aid from paramedics from the Mount of Olives emergency services. She regained consciousness and was taken via Mount of Olives ambulance to Moqassed Hospital.

Hat tip to Reut at PHR-Israel for story above; the image below is one snapped near the Old City gates.

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