Thursday, July 02, 2009

Anatomy of a Jerusalem garden

In my Jerusalem patio, overlooking the jaws of Hell, bougainvillea blooms in shades of magenta, crimson, and pale orange. We planted an olive tree, a cypress, a lime tree, jasmine, honeysuckle, red geraniums, climbing roses, morning glory, hydrangea, purple daisies, basil, mint, and lemon verbena. Everything thrives, thanks to the Palestine sun birds and bumble bees. Plus daily watering, using a cleverly designed Israeli drip irrigation system boosted by the odd watering can. There's always a drought.
Across the Hinom valley we hear the muezzin calls from thirteen different minarets, and church bells from the Dormition Abbey and other venerable Christian chapels. Shofars sound at the synagogue and are tooted by groups of Christian Zionist tourists, Birthright teens and Messianic Jews who ostentatiously tote the ram's horns around, occasionally by segway! Helicopters frequently whack the air overhead, but Jerusalem is defined mostly the Sounds of Sirens: Police, ambulance, VIP convoy.
It'll be difficult to say goodbye to all this, but the lease is soon up on the house, and our stay in Jerusalem is coming rapidly to a close. Izzy Bee still has more buzz left...and will continue to blog from afar. Cranky will be the new resident blogger.


YMedad said...

"...thanks to the Palestine sun birds and bumble bees"

a) are the birds and bees "Palestine" (or "Palestinian" or just birds and bees or is it just the sun?
or, alternatively, what are sun birds?

b) where is "Palestine"? I went here and I found out that while there is a delineation for "Palestine", somehow, Israel disappeared. And taking into consideration that the Palestine Liberation Organization was founded in 1964, they could only have been intending to do away with Israel as Israel wasn't in Judea and Samaria and no Jewish communities there either. So why were they directing their terror solely at Jews/Israelis?

Izzy Bee said...

Get a grip beyond the politics, Ymedad. It's the common name for Nectarinia osea-- a hummingbird-size creature with dark iridescent feathers. Israel even issued stamps with its picture in 1993. Name dates back to the British mandate, and the little birds range from Western Saudi up to the Lebanon, but breed mostly in Israel and the West Bank. See here. Thanks.

Messianic said...

Messianic is the right thing!