Saturday, June 06, 2009

Jewish Hijab - Go the the Head of the Class!

"When they’re not actually wearing wigs, Orthodox women will use an assortment of snoods and scarves to cover their hair, unlike Hasidic women, who only wear turbans," Rivkah Kaufman explains. " And while Hasidic women reveal no hair at all from beneath their turbans, Orthodox women will reveal any amount; from none to tendrils to quite a bit. With hair coverings, as with so much else in Judaism, the infinite richness and variety of what is, and is not, revealed has always fascinated me..."
Kinda hairy as a subject, but RIvkah devotes two articles to this arcane practice. Read more about snoods and turbans here She says spitzels are an insider’s secret! Check out her Rebbe to Wear link for frum fashion.

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you shouldn't post this on the sabbath. and why so snide?