Monday, April 20, 2009

Tel Aviv centennial festivities get underway

Tel Aviv is Mediterranean, secular and the closest approximation to a metropolis existing inside Eretz Israel. The locals are intent on celebrating their city's 100th birthday with a party lasting an entire year. This weekend there was a memorial to the "sea shell lottery", Not to be confused with a hucksters' shell game, this lottery distributed plots of land on a sandbank at random to 66 Jewish families willing to homestead outside Jaffa a century ago, the sea shell lottery was reenacted by a big gathering of the founding families. (Many griped about their forebears selling up too soon, before Rothschild Avenue got trendy and pricey again).
The photo above shows a pre-party delivery truck. If that truck can traverse the one way system and nasty holes from the Light Railway digs, can't we have a little hedonism delivered in Jerusalem too?

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