Thursday, November 20, 2008

Alperon hit blows open Tel Aviv underworld

Bloody aftermath of mob hit in Tel Aviv's streets

Tel Aviv is often a blast, but this time it's gangster warfare, not political conflict. Not some deluded martyr blowing up a bus, but a mundane car-bomb planted in a rental car.

The murder of Yaakov Alperon, crime kingpin, had all the hallmarks of a mobster's targetted assassination and now local cops are braced for a vengeance free-for-all in the mean streets of the Mediterranean metropolis. At the showy funeral earlier this week, the scion of Israel's erstwhile Tony Soprano vowed: "I'll find my father's killer and I'll cut off his head. Smash his balls!" Not your usual kaddish.
See Time magazine for a full report on how in the Tel Aviv underworld extortionists are exterminated what is expected next. (Snapshot of Yaakov and son in Tel Aviv.)


meadow soprano said...

who cares about some kippa wearing capo, specially now he's dead.

what's the point of this story?

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