Friday, September 05, 2008

New Camo-chameleon suits due for IDF

Invisible troops just got more likely, according to press reports in Israel. It'll be a twist on that old Boy George tune, Camo-chameleon.
Hyper-camouflage patterns and heat-sensitive fabric are the results of new war research using US combat forces in Afghanistan, where the countryside is unforgivingly stark yet contrasts of sun and shade are sudden. These ideas have been incorporated into more effective gear that can change color and pattern to fit in with any likely battlefield.

The Israel Defense Forces is currently negotiating with an American company in a bid to acquire recently developed state-of-the-art camouflage uniforms.
To improve readiness on both Israel's northern and southern fronts, the IDF is seeking uniforms that can adapt to different physical surroundings and even seasons.
The U.S. Army developed the Chameleon Uniforms, following research on animal camouflage patterns, as a result of its presence in Afghanistan.

Of course, anyone with infra-red can still detect a disguised fighter, even in the dark. The Israeli army is known for its inventiveness, and it remains to be seen if they order new suits for guys who are not elite special forces. The standing army, including reserve troops, is estimeated at half a million.


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