Thursday, July 17, 2008

Shalom, Eric Silver (1935-2008)

While the soldiers' politically charged funerals were taking place up north, most senior journalists gathered at their colleague Eric Silver's graveside in Jerusalem. The prominent British correspondent died on Tuesday night from pancreatic cancer. At 73, he was still an active freelancer and he and his wife Bridget contributed to Jerusalem's literati scene. Silver was an imposing reporter of the old school, hastening to the scene to witness events himself. He was known for his quick mind, rich prose, and dry wit and was an inspiration to the younger press corps.

The British, Israeli and Indian press displayed his obituary prominently. Silver could claim the best-ever bureau street address for an analyst. Where better to base oneself than on the "Street of the Prophets"? Patrick Coburn wrote a fine tribute in the Independent to the Insightful Anglo-Israeli Journalist.

This excerpt comes from one fond friend in the Jerusalem Post:

Silver was particularly attached to his charming, memento-filled home, located in a historic building on Jerusalem's Rehov Hanevi'im, originally built and inhabited by the 19th century pre-Raphaelite painter William Holman Hunt - even after a terrorist inadvertently detonated his explosives belt outside the front door, blowing out the windows of their bedroom and, as Silver would note to visitors, sending the terrorist's head flying into an adjacent courtyard.

The Silvers were among the most gracious hosts (and guests) in Jerusalem's Anglo-Israel social community, especially in the dinners and parties they enjoyed throwing in the apartment's garden courtyard

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