Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jewish mother's burdens and a talent for multi-tasking with a grin

Talk about grin and bear it. The sweet smile is astonishing under the circumstances! This powerful young mother in the snapshot above had just mounted a long steep hill in Jerusalem's Liberty Bell Park on a sunny Saturday. There's a baby strapped on her front, another strapped on her back, while a curly-haired toddler grasps her left hand, and she holds a plastic bag bulging with 'necessities' in her right. Her friend pushes a pram with all the spare sweaters and the like. Oy vey. She didn't even break a sweat. Surely it's a sign of the superb frontierswomen's genes leftover from the folks who founded this country.

That strange ridged citrus fruit that she's holding beneath is a delectable Jericho orange, which some claim to be the tastiest fruit in the whole Middle East. An admiring mom in the park wanted to share it with her. It resembles a California Navel orange, but has more unpredictable bumps on its thick skin. It appears thick skins are something that come with the territory. Israelity Bites.

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