Monday, January 07, 2008

Gaza unplugged

After delays due to court challenges based on humanitarian concerns,Israel has started fuel cutbacks to the Gaza Strip. Israel's policy of reducing the amount of fuel delivered to the Gaza Strip in retaliation for the firing of missiles went into effect on Sunday. Palestinian officials are warning Gaza residents to expect periods without electricity for as long as eight hours per day because of these fuel cuts. Two-hour outages are already commonplace. Also on Sunday, at the request of the World Health Organization, Israel permitted the delivery of more than 150 pounds of medicines, anesthetics, and antibiotics to the Gaza Strip. Refrigerated ones will go off during the power cuts. The sole benefit is being spared relentless coverage of the upcoming Bush whack of the Middle East, informants tell Izzy (who flies back to the region tomorrow after a three week hiatus.)

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heyjude said...

Well, goodwill has prevailed a little, and now more diesel will flow into Gaza, and more power hours will be possible, if the latest articles in Haaretz are to be believed.