Monday, October 15, 2007

US spy-bugs raise a stir

A news story in the Washington Post about how America is innovating insect spies the size of dragonflies was dismissed in some quarters as a blatant bid for a circulation buzz, with very sparse sourcing. But readers of israelity bites will recognize the type of mini-robotics which the Israelis already have in development. These dragonflies are not much of a leap forward compared to the IDF's bionic wasps and other robot weapons. Don't underestimate the capabilities of spymasters and their canny technicians, which can make James Bond's arsenal look like something out of an antiquarian's window. These mini-gadgets are not necessarily the paranoid fantasies of tweaking methamphetamine addicts, particularly in a place threatened by sporadic terrorism.
What's that buzzing noise? That irritating click? It's possible you are being watched. You have been warned.

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jakob said...

Tel Aviv airport is evaluating 6 wheeled robots for security patrols around the airport's perimeter. The roboCops alert central command to any suspicious activity.
And the new snubnosed IDF rifle is featured in the latest James Bond flick. Soon it will be better known than the UZI!!