Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pope pooh-poohs Protestant churches & prays that the Jews convert

When the pope pooh-poohed protestant churches as defective, he riled Christian evangelicals and post-reformation High Church congregations the world over, particularly here in the Holy Land, birthplace of Jesus and Judaism. Church clerics are flabbergasted that the pontiff seems to be stirring the pot and encouraging rifts in Christian unity at a time when civilizations are clashing.

Pope Benedict XVI also has just revived the Tridentine Mass, a defunct liturgy, complete with a Good Friday prayer in Latin to convert the "perfidous Jews." Critics say an appeal to anti-Semitism to boost the ranks of Catholics is ill-advised. Appeasing traditionalists who years ago quit the Catholic church because they prefer the ancient services in Latin was the reason the Vatican spokesman cited. The number of Catholics in Europe are in decline.
The Vatican praised the old version for enriching faith and piety, and also the culture of many peoples.

"It is known, in fact, that the Latin liturgy of the Church in its various forms, in each century of the Christian era, has been a spur to the spiritual life of many saints, has reinforced many peoples in the virtue of religion and fecundated their piety."
In an explanatory note to the world's bishops, the Pope said he had seen in the post-Vatican II period "how arbitrary deformations of the liturgy caused deep pain to individuals totally rooted in the faith of the church."
He added that it was clear that, in addition to older Catholics from the pre-Vatican II era, young people are also being attracted by the older form of the liturgy.

Meanwhile, the Catholic anti-defamation league has petitioned in Italy for the removal of "Miss Kitty", a looming statue of the formidable German pope dressed in blonde wig and fishnet stockings, and another artwork which has the face of Jesus Christ pixilated onto the body of a transvestite.

An artists' group insisted that the statues were meant to provoke thought and to defy "dogmatic and ecclesiastic censors."


Anonymous said...

simon jenkins at the grauniad is pissed off with this surreal rottweiler pope who writes in riddles.
check out his piece,,2125508,00.html

pissedoff Kritstoff said...

The big news here is how Benedict is playing nice towards the Orthodox churches, for once. (all own lots of lots herein Jerusalem) Watch for developments ... a way to head off the evangelicals who have more youth appeal these days