Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pay-Your-Own Purgatory

There is a newish checkpoint for entering Jerusalem called Maavar Zeitim (the Olives Crossing) and it looks set to rival Erez crossing with its Brave New World technology for intimidation and security. Armed private guards were staffing it on Monday, and one wonders what rules of engagement they will follow. There were more sheep than people in evidence at midday.

According to Jeff Halper, the amiable American anthropology professor who leads consciousness-raising tours to East Jerusalem, Abu Dis and the settlement-cum-bedroom community, Ma'ale Adummim, the United States deducted the cost of building this high tech passage through the "separation barrier" from the money that it gives to the Palestinian Authority each year for security. Isn't it ironic that Palestinans must effectively pay to lock themselves in? The Israeli government, which has pulled down some 18,000 buildings that it deems were erected without proper permits, also charges the demolition costs and fines to Palestinian householders. There is method in this madess, to be sure. If you want to see the evidence for yourself, contact this Israeli action group against house demolitions.

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Some short films to watch online --acc to Angela at the Israel Committee Aganist House Demolitions


Watch CLOSED (UNOCHA on OPT humanitarian crisis):§ion_id=117&format=html

Watch BREAKING THE SILENCE (IDF soldiers' testimonies) (& others at same Youtube site):

Watch THE UNRECOGNIZED (about Negev Bedouin and Israeli discrimination/ethnocracy):