Sunday, March 08, 2009

Code Pink meets the Color Purple as western women activists get blue and tour Gaza Strip

Celebrity author Alice Walker, who won a Pulitzer for The Color Purple, is determined not to feel blue due to so many Code Red alerts in the Negev this week. The American writer, pictured left, naturally, has been delayed, waiting at Rafah, for a chance to enter Gaza with 60 other leftist activists from the "Code Pink" brand of femme-radicalism, to mark International Women's Day today.
The Code Pink intends to stay three days in the enclave and they have brought along some goodie baskets of hygiene care items for families affected by the 20 month trade blockade, the bombing of smugglers' tunnels, and the "wanton" destruction during Operation Cast Lead.
Militant rocket fire continues, still provoking airstrikes by the IAF, but these women are calm and determined to get inside to witness their US tax dollars at work.

How will Hamas celebrate Women's Day, I wonder...will they take advice from a kooky rad granny like this one?

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