Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bacall and Peres: Kissin' Cousins

Spot the family resemblance?
It is perhaps not so obvious in the 1943 portraits of these famous Polish first cousins.

The sultrier one is Betty Joan Perske, who Californicated her screen name to Lauren Bacall; when her cuz Szymon Perski immigrated to Israel, he Hebrewized his name to Shimon Peres. The erstwhile leader--who already has been Israel's prime minister, foreign minister, defence minister, and finance minister-- now aims to be the next President and has not hesitated to highlight the Hollywood connection before parliament picks one. Their families originally hail from a small shtetl in Wolozyn, Poland (now Valozhyn, in Belarus.) Ms Bacall, born in New York City, is younger by one year and has the huskier voice. She was nominated for an Oscar, but never won one. Peres had to share his Nobel Peace Prize (Piece prize?) with Arafat.

A last-minute plug from Ehud Olmert, who has a dismal 3 per cent approval rating, may not be much of an endorsement.
"We have to make sure that this man, who deserves it more than any other, is chosen on Wednesday to head the state and represent it honorably, just as he has done for so many years," Olmert said in the Knesset today.


Anonymous said...

For Peres to cash in on a so-called bloodline to Lauren Bacall is as bogus as him deserving a Nobel Peace Prize.
Red Bull

Izzy Bee said...

It's official. Peres was chosen today by the Knesset as israel's ninth President. (It's mostly a ceremonial post, but heh.) He'll be the olderst statesman yet